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How to transfer music from my iPad to my iPod?

1. How to get iPad music to iPod nano?
I have music on my iPad (1) and also on my iPod Nano (5th Generation). I want to transfer the music from my iPad to iPod without hurting anything. p.s. i have a macbook pro, thanks! - Diana

2. How do I transfer my music from my iPad to my iPod?
I just bought an iPod and I'd been buying my music via iTunes on my iPad. I logged into my iTunes account on my computer and none of my purchased music showed up. How do I get my music on my iPad to my iPod? - Parker

3. Can I put music from a iPad onto a iPod?
I just got the iPad camera connection kit, and I want to know if I can plug it into my iPad, connect my iPod USB cable to it and iPod, and put the music I purchased on my iPad, onto my iPod 5th generation? If I can, how do I do this? Is there any certain directions that I have to follow? - Sam Riley

Step by step to transfer Music from iPad to iPod

To transfer iPad Music to iPod, we need a tool - FoneTrans - iOS Transfer, download it below:

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

Download and launch the iPad to PC Transfer. Once connect your iPad to computer, and all information about your iPad/iPod itself, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interface. And all iPad folders you stored into are shown in the left of iPad list panel.

transfer iPad music to iPod, iPad to iPod Music Transfer - interface

Step 2. Copy iPad music to iPod

To copy music from iPad to iPod, you need first to find the music you want to transfer. Click "Media" section on the left-menu on the interface and then choose "Music" from the top-bar of the section. You will find all the music on your iPad listed here. If you want to transfer all the music, you can check the select all box before the "Type". If you want to choose some music to transfer, check the box before the songs.

transfer iPad music to iPod, transfer music from iPad to iPod

You can easily find the "Export to" option on the upper part of the interface, click the triangle and you will find there is an option "Export to iPod". Choose it and the software will automatically transfer your music from iPad to your iPod.

copy music from iPad to iPod


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