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How to transfer Music from Computer to iPad?

1. How to transfer music to my iPad?
Ok so I got a new a computer an upgrade from my old laptop. I got my iPad when I still had my laptop. So that meant my iPad was set up and every thing via the laptop. I have purchased a load of new stuff from iTunes form my new computer and now I wish to sync it to my iPad. However when I went to sync my music, movies etc. It said that I would have to wipe everything off my iPad and replace it with the stuff from my iTunes library on my new computer. Deleting everything from my iPad is NOT an option as I have vital emails on my iPad to do with work. So how can I sync from my iTunes library to my iPad with out deleting everything? Any suggestions would be really appreciated :)

2. How to transfer music from computer to iPad?
Okay so i want to transfer about 5-15 songs from my computer to my iPad. It's the Retina Display one if that helps. I've downloaded the songs from YouTube to mp3 converter and haven't put them in any folder or anything like that. I don't know how to do it not all techy and stuff. Please help! - PsychoFish

3. How can i transfer music from my pc to my ipad 2?
I just bought an ipad 2 and was wondering, since theres no apps for downloading free music like my android phone, how I can transfer music from my pc (windows vista) to my ipad 2? – Guy

If you want to transfer Music to iPad from Mac/PC or somewhere else, you need an iPad Music Transfer, the FoneTrans - iOS Transfer, It can help you directly transfer Music to iPad from computer in 1 click. Download it below:

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Here, we take the Mac verison as an example, the Windows Version are the similar.

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

Download and launch the iOS Transfer. Once connect your iPad to computer, and all information about your iPad itself, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interface. And all iPad folders you stored into are shown in the left of iPad list panel.

transfer Music from Mac to iPad, PC Music to iPad - interface

Step 2. Transfer music to iPad library

Click "Media", and all the multimedia files are classified into different categories. If you just want to view the music files, click Music.

transfer Music to iPad, transfer Music from computer to iPad

Click "Add" > "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" to choose music files on your computer and load them to your iPad. That’s all, to transfer Music from Mac to iPad be finished, so easy, right? Download the software and try by yourself.

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