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How to transfer iPhone photos to Mac?

1. How do I transfer photos from my iPhone to my Mac?
My Mac crashed so I bought a new one. I can transfer photos taken on the phone but not the ones saved in the phone. Is there a way to do this without emailing them? - kd5yti

2. How do i transfer photos on my iphone to my mac?
Ok on my old desktop computer, i had photos on there that i transferred over to my iphone. So when i sold my desktop, i restored it to its factory settings and lost all my pictures, but its saved on my iphone, is there any way i can transfer those pix from my iphone to my new macbook pro? - ed_tumbaga

Most people have large photos in their iphone, and want to transfer iphone photos to mac, like the above tumbaga & kd5yti, this guide introduce the way to transfer iPhone photos to Mac with FoneTrans - iOS Transfer.

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Download the iPhone to Mac Transfer, install and launch it on Mac. Connect your iPhone to Mac, the iPhone to Mac transfer will automatically recognize it and the device info will be shown as the picture below.

transfer iPhone Photos to Mac, iPhone photos transfer - interface

Step 2.Transfer the checked photos from iPhone to Mac

Click on "Photos" on the left column. In the tab of "Photos", there "Camera Roll", "Panoramas", "Videos", "Photo Library", choose the images you want to move to Mac.

transfer iPhone Photos to Mac, iPhone photos to Mac

After that, click "Export to" button from the top menu. Select the destination folder and click "OK". Quickly, all selected iPhone photos will be transferred to the specified folder on PC.

When it's done, you've got your iPhone photos on your Mac neatly and conveniently. Now you can download the software and try it by yourself.

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