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How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?

1. Can I transfer the music from my ipod to my new iphone?
I just got the new iphone and I dont want to have to spend the money to re-download all the music I have on my ipod. Can I transfer the files to my new ipone? I thought I would ask first before I gave it a shot. :)Thanks! - Peacemind

2. How do I transfer music from iPod to iPhone?
Is there a way to transfer the music I have on my iPod to my iPhone. When I plug my iPod to the computer it sync's the music library. Preferably I would want the same thing to happen when I plug my iPhone into the computer. - Sedgewick

3. How can I transfer music from my ipod classic onto my new iphone 4?
I have a mac and I am looking to get all of my music on the computer and then onto my iphone. Update : I dont have the music already on the computer just the old ipod - Rachel S

Like the above people, If you want to transfer iPod Music to iPhone, you just need an iPhone/iPod Transfer, the FoneTrans, It can help you directly transfer Music from iPod to iPhone in 1 click. Download it below:

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Here, we take the Windows version for example; the Mac Version is the similar.

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

Download, install and launch the FoneTrans on your computer. Connect your iPhone and iPod to PC, the software will automatically recognize the two devices and the device info will be shown as the picture below.

transfer iPod music to iPhone, transfer music from iPod to iPhone - interface

Step 2. Transfer iPod music to iPhone

Click "Media" from your iPod touch on the left frame > "Music" to checkmark music files > "Export to" > "XX's iPhone" to transfer iPod music to iPhone. Vice versa, to transfer iPhone Music to iPod are the similar operation.

iPod to iPhone Music Transfer

The above way of moving iPod music to iPhone needs you to prepare two cables and make sure both USB ports of computer are OK. If you only get one USB cable for iPod and iPhone, or one USB port is OK in your PC, then you are allowed to get the iPod music on your windows computer and then import these songs to iPhone with this iPod to iPhone music transfer software.

First, Export iPod music to PC

Export iPod music to PC

Then, Move music from PC to iPhone

Connect your iPhone to PC, click "Media" > "Music" > "Add" > "Add File(s)" to load the songs which you just exported from iPod to your computer.

Export iPod Music to iPhone

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