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How to transfer iPod Music to iTunes?

1. How do u import music from ipod touch to a itunes library?
my computer profile got deleted along with all my music, the music is still on my ipod though, so how do i put it back on a itunes library......PLZ and thank you - Chivas

2. How can I transfer my iPod's existing music to new iTunes library?
I had to reformat and reinstall iTunes..but I can't move my songs that are on my iPod device to the new iTunes library.When I try and sync it...a warning comes on saying that all content will be erased and replaced with my prior music library (which is a fraction of what's already on the iPod) I just need a way to get all my songs that are on my iPod to the new iTunes library. – TomatoMug

Here, we introduce the way to transfer iPod music to iTunes Library, just use the FoneTrans - iOS Transfer, it not only can copy iPhone Music to iTunes, also can transfer Music, Video, photos, Podcast to Mac etc. Download it below:

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

Download iPod to Mac Transfer software and run it. Once connect iPod to Mac with Apple USB cable, and all information about your iPod, such as type, capacity, version, serial number, and format, will be shown on the main interface.

transfer iPod Music to iTunes, copy iPod Music to iTunes - interface

Step 2. Transfer iPod music to iTunes library

Open the library/playlist that you want to export, Check the song(s) you want to export in the file list. Click the "Export to iTunes Library" button to start exporting files.

Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes, add iPod Music to iTunes

When it's done, you've got your iPod music neatly and conveniently on your iTunes Library. That's all there is to copy music from iPod to iTunes with iPod to Mac Transfer. Now you can download the software and try it by yourself.


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