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How to transfer iPod Music to Mac?

1. Can you transfer music from your ipod to your mac?
My hard drive on my mac recently crashed. So I am starting from scratch. I was just wonder if instead of re downloading all the music I had if I am able to take the music on my ipod and put it back on my mac. If anyone knows how please let me know. - Kevin

2. How do i transfer the music off of my Ipod to the new mac?
My Windows PC crashed recently and has been replaced with a Mac. Luckily all my music is on my Ipod (on my Iphone), but Im unsure how to transfer my music to the new computer without accidently deleting it all. I've found out how to transfer music I've bought off of itunes, but there is still a few thousand songs aside from the purchased ones i'de like to keep. I've been looking for some tips online but I've mostly come across people trying to sell a program that does the trick. Anyone have any ideas? any advice would be greatly appreciated! – Gabrielle

Guideline to transfer Music from iPod to Mac

First, to get the FoneTrans - iOS Transfer to help us. Download it below:

Download iOS Transfer   download iOS Transfer Mac

Step 1.Download, install and run the software

After installing the program, connect your iPad with Mac via USB cable, and the software will detect your iPad automatically.

transfer iPod Music to Mac, copy music from iPod to Mac - interface

Step 2.Transfer music from iPod to Mac

All information about your iPad will be shown in the main interface. On the left side, all iPad data files are classified. Tab "Media", and you can see all media files, including audios and videos, are listed in the interface. Choose the target music you want to transfer to Mac.

iPod Music to Mac, transfer Music from iPod to Mac

Step 3. Transfer music from iPod to Mac

Click "Export to", and choose "Export to Mac" in the drop-down options to export iPad music to Mac, or "Export to iTunes Library" to move music to iTunes. Select a file location on Mac, and then it will start to transfer music from iPad to Mac.

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